Roof Repairs for a Sagging Roof

The town in New Mexico where I went to high school had a small mountain just outside the city limits. We called it Saddle Back Mountain.

We called it that because from a distance it looked like a saddle. The natural mountain shape was that which had a sway in the middle. That made it appear that a person could straddle the mountain and sit comfortably in its natural seat. The mountain actually looked like it was sagging in the middle. Sure had a lot of fun looking for arrow heads after school and on weekends.  I still see things today that sag in the middle and they remind of that old mountain.

You see a lot of sagging pants that need to be pulled up. I’ve seen horses with sway backs, they sag in the middle too. And as we age it seems that about everything starts to sag. With all that being said we begin our discourse into what we really want to talk about … “sagging roofs.” Not good.

Improper Construction

A sagging roof can be caused by several different issues. Improper design in the construction of the roof assembly triangle can be a major problem. The roof joists, rafters and ridgeline make up the roof assembly triangle.  The triangle should be constructed with high quality materials for structural integrity. Sagging takes place when one or more parts of the triangle fails to support their weight design. At this point, you’ll need more than basic roof repair work, you’ll need a professional to help you get your roofing problem corrected.

Roof Weight Problems

Too much weight from an accumulation of snow can cause sagging. Water damage over a period of time can break down the strength of the roof design and cause it to sag, Often the joints of the triangle pulls apart this can cause sagging as well. Rotten decking can also cause sagging in the roof structure. Also using sheathing that is too thin can allow sagging.

Remember a sagging roof is “not normal” and it “can be dangerous.” When a roof begins to sag it is trying to tell you something is not right. You should immediately investigate to find the problem. It is possible for a roof to collapse. Begin by checking for faulty structural material, water damage, ventilation issues, even insect damage caused by wood ants and termites.

To ensure that a sagging roof problem is solved calling in the professionals is wise. Perhaps the problem is not serious enough to call in a structural engineer. But as a general rule of thumb it is a good idea to call your home builder or another building contractor for their expertise. Even a quality experienced remodeler can help you solve your sagging issues.  They will take everything into account to make sure your sagging roof woes are eliminated.

Be aware that there are very few inexpensive remedies for most sagging roof problems. So do your research and find the best professional for your dollar. They are out there you just have to do your homework to find them.